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My Favorite Shoot's

I was looking at my previous photoshoot’s that I have done in the past year and I am really exited how each one of them have turned out.

I remember when we first did Amanda’s Railroad photoshoot & The wall of Sin. She was one of the first people to volunteer her time when we first started when AP photography was just a concept .. lol

Then we had Michelle’s Photoshoot at Manatee Park. Michelle was also a big supporter of ours she encouranged us to just go with it and AP Photography was born.

Model : Michelle

Photographer: Anthony Torres

Assistant: Alfredo Chavarria

I also remember Raelene’s photoshot that was done in Downtown Melbourne- she was reoffered by Michelle and lucky Raelene had some spare time to volunteer and help us get our name out there.

I also loved The Alison & Henney Couples photoshoot , Alison is actually one of Alfredo’s friend that wanted to take some photos with her boyfriend and Henney wanted to have a few professional shots for his upcoming CD cover. This photoshoot attacked allot of clients our way

It’s really nice to reminisce on past photoshoots and seeing how each one of them has made us better and better at what we do. We are now doing Wedding’s, Events, Family Portraits You name it we are doing it! There is so many photoshoots that we have done that it would be impossible to keep naming them all, but you can see some of my work at : http://picsbyanthony-.smugmug.com/

We really also want to “Thank You” and our fans and most important our volunteers for helping us and supporting us! Thank you

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