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Lip’s Like Morphine Photoshoot!



Lip’s Like Morphine Photoshoot! 

Model: Lindsey Jones

Photographer: Anthony Torres

Hair/Make Up/ Stylest : Alfredo Chavarria

Location: Living room .lol



This was such a fun photoshoot with Lindsey & her Boyfriend. Lindsey is actually a longtime friend from school so it made things more relax because i knew  she would be patient with us. lol

Anyways, I wanted to try out the studio equipment that I have been dying to use and I wanted to do it in a large scale- the concept was SEXY chick On a Bike.. lol

Since everything that we do is from home this was a bit of a challenge, but we were able to figure it out ! We cleared out the living room and brought the bike inside the house ( I am sure we violated some law or fire regulation by doing this ) BUT WHO CARES?! Lol..

Here is the end product – HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! 


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