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Congratulations To Giovanni & The Class of 2012!


Congratulations  Giovanni!!! It was really nice seeing him and the whole class of 2012 walk across that stage and grab their diploma!  The only negetive thing that i would have to say about the whole graduation is that it was HOT!!!!!!  but other than that everything was really nice ;-) 

There he goes , time to walk across that stage , everything that he has worked for  has finally paid off. 



We all had to take turns taking photos with the freshly graduate student MR. Giovanni ( i posted some of the photos below )  I had to limit my self to only posting  two out of the 100 that we took of pretty much the same poses! lol 



Once again i would like to say that i am very proud of him and that we all hope the best for him! Congratulations Giovanni! 
 You can see the rest of the photos on our face book page :

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!! :-)



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