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When we first started with our photography business it was first intended to be just a hobby and something that Alfredo and I would do on the side. We both did not know anything about the industry, how things are handled and how we should present our services to a potential client.
Anthony’s Photography was created back in June and now it is November and I must say that we have come a long way in such a short amount of time. We have created a new website that is more user-friendly and its more appealing and easier to the eye.. We hope that you feel the same way and we hope that you enjoy our blog’s and pictures.
What I love about this hobby is that I get to share it with Alfredo and we both get enjoyment in seeing our customers happy with the finish product.. We have both come to the realization that this business is not based around making money, but more about having fun and enjoying the time that we spend making other people happy and capturing a moment that will last forever…
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