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Simple FYI from Anthony's Photography

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Always remember to relax, Trust your wedding photographer. If you're relaxed, it'll come through in your photos.
Great example is how we captured this beautiful bride throwing her bouquet :-) 
We love capturing the moments that matter to you.. book your session today ;-)

Alexia - Junior Modeling


We had a blast today with Alexia & her mother. Alexia is Junior model that needed to update her modeling portfolio... We are really thankful that she picked  Anthony’s Photography!  Check out her photoshoot session here : http://smu.gs/12jzNdc    



We are working Hard...


We have been so busy lately that we have not had a chance to keep our blog updated! Hopefully in the next upcoming month we can dedicate our time to keeping the blog updated as the work flow starts to cool down.. ;-) Thank you everyone for your support and we LOVE OUR CLIENTS :-) 


You can  look at our most recent work at : http://picsbyanthony-.smugmug.com/

Mrs. Brown - Aka Caribbean Barbie's Photoshoot

AP Photography is all about making our clients feel beutilfull. Mrs. Brown wanted a private photoshoot session after her wedding and she got it! 


We had so much fun shooting these photos, Mrs. Brown has a lovely since of humor and she is beautiful inside and out and it definitely shows in all of her photos! 

Thank you so much Mrs. Brown for letting us capture your special day and for letting us create your memories that will last a life time! 

Check out her photos below! 





My Favorite Shoot's

I was looking at my previous photoshoot’s that I have done in the past year and I am really exited how each one of them have turned out.

I remember when we first did Amanda’s Railroad photoshoot & The wall of Sin. She was one of the first people to volunteer her time when we first started when AP photography was just a concept .. lol

Then we had Michelle’s Photoshoot at Manatee Park. Michelle was also a big supporter of ours she encouranged us to just go with it and AP Photography was born.

Model : Michelle

Photographer: Anthony Torres

Assistant: Alfredo Chavarria

I also remember Raelene’s photoshot that was done in Downtown Melbourne- she was reoffered by Michelle and lucky Raelene had some spare time to volunteer and help us get our name out there.

I also loved The Alison & Henney Couples photoshoot , Alison is actually one of Alfredo’s friend that wanted to take some photos with her boyfriend and Henney wanted to have a few professional shots for his upcoming CD cover. This photoshoot attacked allot of clients our way

It’s really nice to reminisce on past photoshoots and seeing how each one of them has made us better and better at what we do. We are now doing Wedding’s, Events, Family Portraits You name it we are doing it! There is so many photoshoots that we have done that it would be impossible to keep naming them all, but you can see some of my work at : http://picsbyanthony-.smugmug.com/

We really also want to “Thank You” and our fans and most important our volunteers for helping us and supporting us! Thank you

Lip’s Like Morphine Photoshoot!



Lip’s Like Morphine Photoshoot! 

Model: Lindsey Jones

Photographer: Anthony Torres

Hair/Make Up/ Stylest : Alfredo Chavarria

Location: Living room .lol



This was such a fun photoshoot with Lindsey & her Boyfriend. Lindsey is actually a longtime friend from school so it made things more relax because i knew  she would be patient with us. lol

Anyways, I wanted to try out the studio equipment that I have been dying to use and I wanted to do it in a large scale- the concept was SEXY chick On a Bike.. lol

Since everything that we do is from home this was a bit of a challenge, but we were able to figure it out ! We cleared out the living room and brought the bike inside the house ( I am sure we violated some law or fire regulation by doing this ) BUT WHO CARES?! Lol..

Here is the end product – HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! 


Geraldine's Sweet 16


 AP Photography’s first Sweet 16 Party 

Geraldine’s Sweet 16 (Formal Dress /Party Dress Event Photos )

Geraldine’s formal dress & Party dress were gorgeous and Geraldine looked just like a princess!! ♥ 
Thank you Geraldine & Anny for allowing AP Photography capture the moments that really matter the most!





One Love One Heart!


One Love one Heart is the Theme for Jessica & Carlos !  AP Photography  just did their  engagement photos and we will be doing their wedding photos as well, this is not the last time that you will see  them on our Facebook page! 


Congratulations to them and can’t wait to capture your special day Jessica & Carlos!!!


You can view the edited photos and purchase them here: 


Make sure to keep checking back for the wedding photos !! Wedding is schedule for JUNE!! 


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Congratulations To Giovanni & The Class of 2012!


Congratulations  Giovanni!!! It was really nice seeing him and the whole class of 2012 walk across that stage and grab their diploma!  The only negetive thing that i would have to say about the whole graduation is that it was HOT!!!!!!  but other than that everything was really nice ;-) 

There he goes , time to walk across that stage , everything that he has worked for  has finally paid off. 



We all had to take turns taking photos with the freshly graduate student MR. Giovanni ( i posted some of the photos below )  I had to limit my self to only posting  two out of the 100 that we took of pretty much the same poses! lol 



Once again i would like to say that i am very proud of him and that we all hope the best for him! Congratulations Giovanni! 
 You can see the rest of the photos on our face book page :

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!! :-)



My only nephew is graduating tomorrow

My only nephew is graduating tomorrow…


What a milestone!  Giovanni will be graduating from his high school tomorrow morning.  I will be there to witness it with my Sister, Mom, Dad & Alfredo.  I already know that Herbert (Giovanni’s Father) will be there secretly watching his only son walk across the stage and pick up that piece of paper that will open up the doors to his next chapter in his life. 

Tomorrow when Giovanni marches across the stage – it will be a triumphant walk for my sister who has supported him and made so many sacrifices to make sure that he had everything in life to get him here to this day. It will also be a Triumphant walk for Giovanni’s father Herbert who unexpectedly passed away in 2008.  
I just want to say this to My nephew Giovanni- 
I can't believe that tomorrow we will all  be standing there watching you walk across a stage to be handed your high school diploma. Time has flown by and it  seems like only yesterday  you were playing with my toys!!  It doesn’t matter how old you get JUST KNOW THAT  I will always see you as Little Giovanni 


I am really proud of you and very exited to see who you will become as an adult, just know that we all needed a little help and guidance to get  us where we are today.. My point is that even if we seem old  to you now, we were young once. We had lives back then as well...rather melodramatic lives, actually, good for a few stories when you ask. We've had struggles and heartaches. We've lived through more than you'll ever know, and we've learned a lot of lessons from the mistakes we've made.
That's what this letter is for Giovanni: to tell you of the precious lessons I've learned in life before I forget, and believe me, once you have a job , full time hobby and bills trust me you will forget allot of things! Lol 
Lesson #1: Never underestimate yourself. Always keep your full potential in view and act on it. You know the old cliche: "you can do anything you set your mind to"? It's very true. Don't forget who you are or who you want to be. Don’t be LAZY!! Things will never just fall in your hand.
Lesson #2: Surround yourself with people who won't let you forget who you are or who you want to be. Don't be alone. Let your friends and family be your safety net. Be their safety net in return.
Lesson #3: Be open-minded. Be nonjudgmental. People often believe what they hold to be true, to be true for everybody, but what you believe now may not necessarily be what you believe in the future. We may all differ in opinions, culture, skin color, or abilities, but there is one thing we have in common: humanity. Never think  yourself better than another because you will only be setting up yourself for a failer.
Lesson #4: Never betray yourself. Know what your own values and morals are and hold to them. Respect yourself and your actions. Expect others to treat you with respect, just as you would treat them with respect.
Lesson #5: Open your eyes to the world around you. Don't be so focused on yourself that you are blind to everything else. See a person in need, and assist that person. Listen to politics, and choose a side. Notice a sunset. And Giovanni this is important: don't step on an ant just because it's there. Life, at any level, is an amazing thing, so enjoy it and live every moment to the fullest because you never know when it could be your last and NEVER put something off for later when you can do it now. If you keep putting things off for later YOUR WHOLE LIFE WILL PASS YOU BY.
Now I hope you don’t see this as nagging, but just some friendly advice  from someone that has lived and experience what you also will be experiencing  as you grow up- we all have gone through this ME, YOUR MOM , Your Dad, Grandma , Grandpa  &  Alfredo and the other 5 billion people in this world . We have all started from the same place where you are at now and we have all gotten  to where we are today in our own different ways , but know that we all work for the same goal in life  and that’s  to live happy and  live well!!
Congratulations  Giovanni – I am proud of you 
Your Uncle 

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Are you looking for some fun shoot's or  just want to update your modeling portfolio or maybe its time for some new  family portraits?? Then contact us at PicsByAnthony.com !! We can customize a package that is right for you and at the right price!! 
We  specialize in  fashion/modeling portfolios , Sweet 16, Maternery Photos, Engament Photos, Wedding or any other event . my clients come to me for all their needs. Whether my clients need everything taken care of from planning the shoot, retouching, design of the look book or catalog and even a website, I handle all of this for you so you do not have to make a dozen calls to every company  out there for the services that  you need.
Any size fashion project / event  you need photographed starts with:
  • A Free consultation to get to know who you , your needs and plan your  shoot such as; lighting and set up.
  • Scouting & Securing location for the shoot
  • On the day of the shoot we can offer additional services such as makeup and  hair artists.
 Our team will provide you with a successful look for your; ad campaign, catalog or editorial needs.
**We Offer low rates without sacrificing quality**
We create  photographs that will be treasured for a lifetime.
Call 321-223-3560
email - AP@PicsByAnthony.com
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Junior Model Justin..Check out his Photos!




Anthony’s Photography can help you create a Model portfolio!
Justin is an upcoming Model and allowed us to be a part of his carrier by allowing us to do some modeling pictures for his portfolio.:-)
You can view all of his photos at : http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/19674263_StqfXX
Thank you Justin & Denise!! 
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Big Changes are here…




When we first started with our photography business it was first intended to be just a hobby and something that Alfredo and I would do on the side. We both did not know anything about the industry, how things are handled and how we should present our services to a potential client.
Anthony’s Photography was created back in June and now it is November and I must say that we have come a long way in such a short amount of time. We have created a new website that is more user-friendly and its more appealing and easier to the eye.. We hope that you feel the same way and we hope that you enjoy our blog’s and pictures.
What I love about this hobby is that I get to share it with Alfredo and we both get enjoyment in seeing our customers happy with the finish product.. We have both come to the realization that this business is not based around making money, but more about having fun and enjoying the time that we spend making other people happy and capturing a moment that will last forever…
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